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Conspiracy Theory

A small part of the world population said there is a conspiracy theory against the democratic system in force, it is clear that this small portion of the population belongs to a group of individuals who work for the state directly or indirectly, they are the unions , political parties, religious, social and professional technocrats. Theyr lives are guaranteed come what may.

Well, if the system is good for them why should they want to change it?

As has already been denounced by several non-governmental independent organizations ,imbalance exists around the planet, social imbalance exists virtually in every nation in the world, if there is enough food, and wealth for everyone ,why can't  that same imbalance be questioned? The reality of the facts show that the prevailing conditions allow the world to live free of hunger and with dignity.

Why don't we question ourselves why this doesn't work properly for everyone? We should ask ourselves about it when we see something or someone dying in front of us, whether from cold, hunger, hatred or anxiety. And if by chance that something or someone tries to stake or is just cataloged as a terrorist, or marginal, or conspiring or revolutionary communist / fascist. Without even trying to understand their past, their anguish and their cries for change and act on such an egalitarian he is a dissident in China or the U.S., no matter the location. We do not accept that, that is the position of the Western citizen, or this is the life that God intended for us, they reply...

However we see the same system that abuses us saying that we should be benemerit citizens, but it should be them our representatives to think and act on it.

Call me a conspirator, call me what you wish but I just wish that the very democratic constitution and the great French motto stake: equality, fraternity, freedom, no matter the order, only the content matters.

Now I have no money to pay for education, but I have to pay taxes,  no money to have a flat that is not borrowed, have no money to pay for my health but I ,must have money to support the numerous times that I am unjustly charged or fined, all because of the opportunists and unscrupulous politicians who decide everything for us, and moreover most of the times "at closed door" as if the hypothetical matter can only be solved by a handful of conservative morons, related to major socio-economic actors and national and multinational companies that put first-hand the interests of the party or their sponsors rather than actually act in behalf of the nation.

Then they come to me speaking about patriotism, they say that I have to try harder ... Sorry there, but what about my dignity? My equality? My Freedom? How can I act brotherly towards a nation or whomever represents it if they don't act acordingly with me?

I want CHANGE, and because of it I'm called a conspiror, I do not care, so be it, a conspiror I am then!

Now they speak about a crisis, but it has been here, in this country, since at least the 25Tth of April of '74, and this has always been hidden and manipulated so that the results contradict the trend of inflation. The situation to boost the productive fabric has always been repressed by the main political actors, social and economic, and we move at a rapid pace towards the situation of Greece, they are responsible for what we are living here and now, but now they say we must innovate and undertake when in the mid 90s they were the first to repress me for having done precisely so.

Now I say, after believed in the nation, patriotism, and the future political agents, after having lost everything because of false supports by both technical services of ministries or others general services, where these just were searching for leadership or fast wealth, today I say ...

May they all fall as I fell. My inovation and enterprise is intended for subsequent generations and they will understand my reasons

Let there be change

I'd rather die standing up in a revolution than to sustain pimps who are rich at my expense and off all my fellow Men.

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